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    2000년부터 국내 IDC를 직접 운영하며, 쌓인 기술 노하우와 경험들을 바탕으로 국내외 데이터센터 구축과 운영에 필요한 모든 과정을 호스트웨이 ID전문가 그룹의 역량으로 함께 제공합니다.

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    Neutral Integrated Service Global MSP

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    DC Construction Business (architecture)

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    DC Relocation

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    DC Operation / Maintenance

Data Center Consulting Services

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    Site Relay

    DCPlug 서비스는 HOSTWAY의 20년간 IDC 운영 경험을 통해 Data Center 사업을 위한 모든 서비스를 부지 중계부터 운영까지 End-To-End Service를 제공합니다.

    Our process is customized to each client’s project approval process, and the real estate and technical requirement itself. We work collaboratively from the outset to fully assets and understand the assignment and use a proprietary scorecard to rank and order locations, whether it's a local service facility or a large scale operation

    · Site review / selection

    · Provisional design (scale, capacity calculation)

    · Check whether electric power or permites are available

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    Attract investment

    Global 투자사, 투자금 유치

  • Demand Analysis

    Our approach to market intelligence is grounded in our specialist brokers, on the ground, doing the work.  Members of our team provide the foundation for market research as they work with clients in these markets to make informed business decisions on the procurement of colocation and data center assets.

    · Market Survey

    · Market Forecast

    · Feasibility Study

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    SI Consulting

    · 전력설비 설계, 구축 컨설팅 (수배전, UPS, 발전기)

    · 기계/공조설비 (CRAC, Cooling Tower, Chiller)

    · 소방설비 (소방 수신반, VESDA)

    · 보안설비 (출입통제, CCTV)

    · DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management)

    · Commisioning TEST 수행

  • Operation & On-going Sales

    · 전기, 기계 소방설비 운영 (Managed Facility)

    · 네트워크 구축, 운영 (Managed Network)

    · 서버 인프라 구축, 운영 (Managed Server)

    · Sales (Wholesale, Co-location)

    · Marketing (신규 서비스 기획 및 전략 마케팅 수행)

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